Seattle Helping Haiti

Every time the subject of MxPx comes up, I tell the same story: My freshman year roommate at the University of Idaho (Go Vandals! Vote Palin!) was a kid from Minnesota named Rudy who exercised by lifting my box of laundry detergent and slept with an eye guard on to keep the light out. From the first time he took his shirt off, I knew he was an MxPx fan. Their trademark face logo was tattooed on his shoulder. I told him I went to high school in Bremerton. He told me he made a pilgrimage there. MxPx never -- or should I say, have yet to – attained universal stardom the way their colleagues in Green Day and Blink 182 have. But their fans are among the most devout in the pop-punk game. And if they want to help raise some serious coin at tonight's benefit for earthquake victims in Haiti, they'll contribute to the silent auction a guided tour of Bremerton, complete with green eggs and ham at Hi Lo's 15th Street Cafe, a jar of Harvey's Hot Buttered Rum mix, and drinks at the Pour House down the street from frontman Mike Herrera's recording studio. You won't be able to stop the bidding. With Sweet Water, the Maldives, Vince Mira, the Classic Crime, the Memphis Radio Kings. All ages. CHRIS KORNELIS

Thu., Jan. 28, 8 p.m., 2010

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