Love Song

John Kolvenbach’s Love Song is a story about the relationship between two siblings masquerading as a story about the relationships of two couples, Flowers for Algernon masquerading as Closer. Harry (Nick DeSantis) and wife Joan (Heather Hawkins) are quintessential yuppies, bright and combative, who love each another even if they’re not blissfully in love. In walks Joan’s brother, Beane (Christopher Zinovitch), a slow, bald shmoe. Beane is burgled by Molly (Cindy Bradder); he falls in love with her, and his bizarrely invigorated behavior restarts his sister's marriage to Harry. Love Song's four characters say what real people feel but don’t say, as if they’re incapable of biting their tongues. It’s an incredibly sharp, engaging, and witty script, and uniformly well acted. But the revelation here is Bradder, a Fremont hairstylist making her professional acting debut. MIKE SEELY [See Mike's full review.]

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