Four Tet

UK-based Kieran Hebden, who has operated under the moniker Four Tet since 1998, has worked with artists as diverse as Madvillian and Andrew Bird, and perhaps most closely with the reigning kings of indie-ambient excellence, Radiohead. In fact, Four Tet's sound is like Radiohead's zany younger sibling, sans the Yorke-ian solemnity and restraint. Hebden's brilliance lies in mashing together entirely disparate sounds — glitch and acoustic, frantic scratch samples with a steady baseline — to make them sound intuitive and musical. His style has been aptly compared to free-form jazz; his best work is arguably that with legendary jazz percussionist Steve Reid, where songs develop with a snowball effect, building, accelerating and intensifying with each loop. It's club music that confounds genre, like a spastic one-man symphony band. With Nathan Fake, eR Don. HOLLIS WONG-WEAR

Tue., Feb. 23, 8 p.m., 2010

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