Finn Riggins

In the early 2000s, I ran around with a crew in Moscow, Idaho that would eventually morph into what is today called Finn Riggins. (Contrary to what the name implies, Finn is a trio, not a Van Morrison doppelganger who posts up in Pike Place Market). At the time, the band(s)—most notably Oracle Shack—sounded a lot like the inaugural Sasquatch! lineup did in 2002: hippie with a touch of pop. Like the festival, Finn’s ratio has flipped. These players have always had an affinity for melody and strong hooks, once served up alongside 20-minute jams. But every time they return to the studio, the melodies inch closer to the forefront, and the jams a little more restrained. The Boise band’s evolution has hit the sweet spot with their single, “Wake (Keep This Town Alive),” off last year’s Vs. the Wilderness, a tune that fuses their love of Idaho-style indie rock (they recently supported Built to Spill at the Showbox) and long-hair rockers from the ‘70s. With Boy Eats Drum Machine, the Globes. CHRIS KORNELIS

Thu., Feb. 25, 9 p.m., 2010

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