Pete Bernard

It would be easy – and not entirely wrong – to assume that The Devil Makes Three frontman Pete Bernhard’s solo efforts, including last year’s Straight Line, will sound more or less like one of his band’s records. While The Devil Makes Three deals in revivalist roots, Bernhard sans band tends to tone down the twang, coming off more like Southern California’s answer to Jack Johnson than the country singer he is when he fronts DMT. That’s not an insult: Bernhard’s pared-down, mellow songs bridge the gap between country music and the watered-down, pseudo-roots sound that’s become so infuriatingly popular in the mainstream, meaning that Bernhard may very well be the bridge-builder to lure Franti fans away from the dark side. SARA BRICKNER

Thu., Feb. 25, 9 p.m., 2010

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