Evan Dando

Being Evan Dando must be a little rough. As the affable frontman of the Lemonheads, he made some fantastic records in the 90's but never quite became the institution that he was capable of being. A combination of cuddly and scruffy, Dando was a little too pin-up material (was there a single issue of Sassy without a mention of Dando?) and pop-minded for the grunge-centric 90's. Since then, he's broken up and reformed the Lemonheads numerous times, battled with drug addiction, married a model, released a covers record (Varshons) and put on notoriously inconsistent live shows; basically, he's jumped through almost every rock cliché in the book. Still, it's nearly impossible to hate the guy; any listens to the Lemonheads records reveal the shy, quiet charmer that, all drama aside, is the core of a great, quirky songwriter. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Wed., March 3, 8 p.m., 2010

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