Moisture Festival

Just as some banks are too big to fail, some cultural events are too big to describe. In briefest summary, this year’s Moisture Festival spans five venues through April 4, with no less than two dozen performers practicing puppetry, burlesque, trapeze acts, juggling, comedy, variety, bubble-blowing, and, well, space doesn’t permit such an exhaustive list of titillation (for adults) and amusement (for families). What you do need to know is that the extravaganza launches tonight with its Grande Varietè show at ACT, then moves to Hale’s Palladium (March 18-April 4), with side trips to Vashon Island, the Georgetown Ballroom, and SIFF Cinema, before returning to ACT. The talent comes as far away as Scotland and China and as close as Seattle (e.g., The Aerialistas, Baby Gramps, and Dr. Calamari and Acrophelia of Circus Contraption). Live music is always part of the show, and you can enjoy a beer during the run in Ballard. In its seventh year, Moisture Festival has no use for brevity. T. BOND

March 11-April 4, 2010

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