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Chatting with a cupcake innovator, and what’s new with THEESatisfaction, The Dutchess & The Duke, and more.

Reverb Questionnaire: Jody Hall Digs Leonard Cohen, Caspar Babypants What music have you been listening to today? Did you like it? I'm not going to lie. Caspar Babypants has been in heavy rotation ever since The Junior (aka Truman Huckleberry) arrived 11 months ago. Anything he likes, I like, if you know what I mean. (It's a great album—really!) He's also a big fan of Camera Obscura, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, M. Ward, etc.When was the last time you heard "Stairway to Heaven"? Did you turn it off? When there was a bustle in my hedgerow. Yes, I turned it off.Do you play an instrument? I played the clarinet in junior high.What were you listening to in high school? REO Speedwagon, Supertramp, Oingo Boingo, The English Beat, Elvis Costello, General Public, the Go-Gos, the B-52s, etc.Who was the first band/artist you saw in concert? Shaun Cassidy. In 5th grade, with my neighbor Susan Dearman and her mother. ROCKIN'!Who was the last band/artist you saw in concert? Probably the Cave Singers. Love those guys.When you sing karaoke, what's your go-to number? "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Bonnie Tyler). Duh.How do you feel about ABBA? Love them. It's the music of my people.What is the last song you want to hear before you die? Probably "Dance Me to the End of Love" by Leonard Cohen. Or "Where Does the Good Times Go" by Buck Owens.Mixtape Review: THEESatisfaction's Stylish, R-Rated Ode to Sa-RaThe mood here is firmly rooted in raunchy, Rick James–style funk—a tactic that allows Harris-White and Irons to blow off steam without sounding like blowhards. Opener "Bi-Sexual," a wink and a nod to sexual experimentation, treats flirtation as fun, fickle sport. ("I don't usually do guys, but tonight I might") The second track, "Pause," is a sly, slippery number aimed at homophobes, and is followed by the night-sky-scanning soul of "Moonday (Intergalactic Church)," which is about as overtly spacey (thankfully) as the duo gets. The mix ends with the upbeat shit-talking of "Ooh THEES Bitches is Bad." Why? Because they are. THEESatisfaction plays the Tractor Tavern on Thurs., March 4. —Kevin Capp The Dutchess & the Duke's Next Move Seattle's retro-rockers The Dutchess & the Duke plan to make an EP with their NYC friends over at Sacred Bones Records; apparently they have friends at the factory that specializes in vinyl-only limited runs. Thus far their work—including last year's Sunset/Sunrise—has been issued on local label Hardly Art. Duke Jesse Lortz says that despite the fact that the band's let another label into their bedroom, and he and Dutchess Kimberly Morrison are both considering relocating (he to Oakland, she to NYC, perhaps)—D&D still plan to return to Hardly Art for a full-length follow-up to Sunset/Sunrise. D&D plays with Cave Singers and Feral Children, Saturday at The Showbox at the Market. —Chris Kornelis Also. . .—Lupe Fiasco's booked Showbox SoDo for a May 7 show. Fans may even get a peek at his forthcoming album, We Are Lasers.—If Sasquatch! is not quite your bag, another weekend camping option has come up: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, a Gorge tradition almost as rich as DMB and Sasquatch!, returns June 11–12, this time with Joe Cocker in tow. Campers will undoubtedly be treated to a host of classics, as well as cuts off the Heartbreakers' forthcoming record, Mojo, to be released on Reprise sometime in the spring.—Sub Pop have added international hipster-sisters CocoRosie to their roster. They plan to release the duo's next record, Grey Oceans, on May 11.

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