In keeping with the symphonic pop trend that’s been sweeping indie music for the past five years or so, Danish outfit Efterklang’s 2007 release, Parades, is (as its name suggests) a bright, brassy, cheerful treat of a record. Now Efterklang appears to be going for a slightly more ethereal, minimalist sound on new release Magic Chairs. On Parades, the band employed a whopping ten members to create a sound that could rival that of a symphony orchestra – and yes, I’m talking about the original record, not the live recording of the band performing Parades with the Danish Symphony Orchestra - but Magic Chairs sounds like it could have been made by a different band, so sparse does it sound by comparison. Live, Efterklang delivers powerful, all-consuming sets that demand your undivided attention – and if you’re being noisy, don’t be surprised if one of the band’s rabid fans (if not a member of the band itself) unceremoniously tells you to shut the fuck up. SARA BRICKNER

Thu., March 11, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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