Lisa Dank

Seattle MC Lisa Dank's current popularity has more to do with showmanship than actual musical ability. Her vocal control is hit or miss, and some of her songs are ridiculous enough to make you cringe. But what Lisa Dank lacks in polish and songwriting chops, she makes up for tenfold in showmanship: outrageous feathered headdresses, spandex-clad backup dancers and more references to weed in forty minutes than there are in the entirety of Half Baked. And moments of true pop musicianship do shine through the cracks in Dank's cabaret-tart veneer and smoke-scarred singing voice. With time, practice and a much-needed vaporizer, Lisa Dank could transform herself into a female answer to Kid Cudi. Even if all that doesn't sound like your bag of sweet potato chips, itÂ’s worth going to see Katie Kate, a young, local MC whose flow and smooth delivery takes a lesson from her DJ, P. Smoov. SARA BRICKNER

Sun., March 14, 8 p.m., 2010

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