Solo Performance Festival

SPF is now in its fourth year at Theatre Off Jackson, and you’ve got to choke down what you don’t like in order to get what you do. Among other performers we recommend (Peggy Platt, Emmett Montgomery, Keira McDonald), look for Elizabeth Kenny. She brings a friend onstage with a stack of 3x5 cards shuffled at random. Each of the cards is marked with some turning point in Kenny’s two-week collision with mental illness, and a randomly-chosen running time—ranging from 30 seconds to a minute—in which to tell it. And at the end of the allotted time, her friend smacks the bellhop’s bell and on she moves to the next vignette. The piece is harrowing, fearless, and oddly fun. KEVIN PHINNEY

March 3-April 4, 2010

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