The Appleseed Cast

In 2001, the Kansas quartet The Appleseed Cast made a seminal departure from their hard-driving, heavily distorted sound by released a double LP called Low Level Owl Volumes One and Two. The album received unanimously high accolades for its stirring and accessible melodies, its tumbling, murmuring vocals, its brilliantly on-point drums and ambient keyboard breaks – all of which, woven together, created a cohesive, hypnotizing and emotionally-loaded tapestry of sound. It effectively transformed The Appleseed Cast from another late 90s post-rock outfit to an instantly likeable, even groundbreaking band. Since then, they’ve undergone some changes in their lineup and released a few solid full-lengths, but none have yet lived up to the prestige of Low Level Owl. Perhaps that’s why tonight they’ll be revisiting the album, performing both LPs back to back. It’s going to be, in a word, epic. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Wed., March 10, 8 p.m., 2010

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