The Crocodile's One Year Anniversary Party

The first year of nearly any new endeavor tends to fly by. This is the case with the reincarnation of the Crocodile, which re-opened its doors to great expectations in March of 2009, after new owners revived the fallen space. In the intervening months, there has been much predictable grumbling about the venue's slicker design and inexplicable dearth of punk and harder rock shows, but there have also been some landmark moments that will go down as important pieces of Seattle music history. The spontaneous, semi-reunion of "Tadgarden" made international headlines, and the resounding success of Go! Machine was an indisputable benchmark in the growth spurt of the local hip-hop community. Tonight the venue celebrates those accomplishments with Go! Machine mavericks Mad Rad and arty indie pop darlings Throw Me the Statue and the Globes. HANNAH LEVIN

Sat., March 27, 8 p.m., 2010

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