Chris Hardwick

Few would’ve predicted, back in the ’90s heyday of MTV’s Singled Out, that quippy young host Chris Hardwick would extend his career into the new millennium. But then came the Internet, cell phones, and technology boom, which allowed the L.A. comic to let his geek flag fly. Today a contributing writer at Wired, the host of Web Soup on Comcast’s G4 channel, and creator of, Hardwick has embraced the tech-happy hordes on the Internet. He says by phone, “Since last year, there’s been a growing number of nerds in the audience. They’re overtaking the rednecks in the comedy clubs. And I love it—they’re the people I understand better. I’m performing for a pack that I’m a member of.” Which means he’s free to make associative leaps from Dr. Who to 286 processors to Hogwarts Academy to download speeds. The gadget-obsessed comedian understands that some in the audience may be texting or checking email during his performance. But, he warns, “I might grab their phone and text something really offensive.” Also, he has no use for ’90s nostalgia, be it Pearl Jam or his old Treo 750: “I don’t miss that old shit at all. We’re definitely at the point where grunge equals oldies.” Mike Phirman, his collaborator in the comedy/musical duo Hard ‘n’ Phirm, will help open tonight’s show. Don’t be surprised if they join the audience for drinks afterward. And don’t bring your old Motorola RAZR. (All ages show.) BRIAN MILLER

Sat., April 10, 7 p.m., 2010

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