The premise sounds small and twee as a dozen local artists riff upon books and reading culture. And the results are decidedly mixed, but the standout here is Monika Dalkin, who's represented by several small works and one big eye-catcher--a prom dress made of torn paperbacks--in the front window. Her wall-mounted array of ceramic tiles, Not so perfect book of recipes, is derived from old cookbooks and home-econ texts from the '50s. She replicates slogans and design motifs into brittle little note cards. "This is a way to let him know you have been thinking about him," one tile advises. In other words: To get and keep a man, you have to cook for him. More colorful and expansive is her unfolding bound My Closet Book, which presents an endless array of neatly hung clothing. (There will always be something new to wear!) Other works invite gentle touching and turning of pages, though none of the artists examine new technologies. I'd like to see them smash a Kindle or iPad, then reassemble the pieces. But maybe starving artists can't afford them. BRIAN MILLER


Wednesdays-Saturdays, 12-5 p.m. Starts: March 31. Continues through April 24, 2010

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