The Fall Of Troy

After nine years and four full-length albums - not to mention a level of commercial success that saw their songs featured in Guitar Hero and the soundtracks of other video games - the Mukilteo-based mathcore trio is calling it quits. Though there’s no big explosion and no plan to stop making music, their “Marked Men of 2010” tour is also a celebratory farewell for the still-young bandmates. And while they’re touring on their most-recent release In the Unlikely Event, it’s really a catalogue stretching back to their debut material recorded at age 17. The band’s technical rhythms and exhilarating guitar riffs layer with front man Thomas Erak’s powerful vocals and penetrating shrieks for a hardcore experience enjoyable even to those who run from any genre with the suffix -core. NICK FELDMAN

Wed., March 31, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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