Seattle Soundbite and The Maldives

Food and music go together like gin and tonic. But while the ties between the two cultural pillars are strong, they’re not always harmonious. Fences’ Chris Mansfield recently walked off the stage after two songs at the art/food happening, The New Guard, because patrons were talking too loudly during their third dessert. Sarah McLachlan wants you to trade in your Thanksgiving turkey for tofu. Moby just wrote a book about being bald and being vegan. Even The Weekly’s douchy/domesticated music editor pens a column about life with his Crock Pot®. But tonight’s mashup of foodies and musicians at Showbox Sodo promises to be a relatively drama-free affair, with some of the city’s favorite hash-slingers (Ethan Stowell Restaurants) and singers (The Maldives) holding court. CHRIS KORNELIS

Thu., April 8, 2010

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