Exene Cervenka

Somewhere Gone, Exene Cervenka’s solo album, is a far cry from the rough-edged punk she wrote and performed with X. Back then--nearly 30 years ago--Cervenka's voice served as the more dramatic complement to John Doe's low rumble. But Somewhere Gone is a bonafide folk album, with tales of willow trees and Trojan horses. At times she's twangy and soft, channeling Tammy Wynette's melancholy on "Surface of the Sun." On other tracks, like "The Willow Tree," she sounds like Neko Case, her vocals pitch-perfect but still tough. Cervenka reaches far past her 1980s-era punk past to the 1950s and pulls out Jerry Lee Lewis-styled piano for "Walk Me Across the Night." These songs may be simple and short, but they're just as powerful as the straight-forward punk she trademarked decades ago. PAIGE RICHMOND

Fri., April 16, 6 p.m., 2010

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