Florence + the Machine

Few singers can cite both The Velvet Underground and Celine Dion as musical inspirations. But Florence and the Machine does so without batting an eye. The London experimental-pop singer Florence Welch, notorious for her volatile style, borrows from all genres on her debut album Lungs. She garnered mainstream attention in America last year after her infectious (albeit disturbing) “Kiss With a Fist” was used in the shiteously awesome horror flick Jennifer’s Body. “You smashed a plate over my head, then I set fire to our bed,” she divulges, as casually as she would that she and her boyfriend visited a restaurant. The remainder of Lungs is as, if not more, capricious. A fucked-up relationship has never made for such delightful fodder. With Holy Hail. ERIKA HOBART

Thu., April 15, 8 p.m., 2010

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