Josh Rouse

There's a fine line between being totally, undeniably smooth and over the top schmaltzy, especially with singer-songwriters. Thankfully, Josh Rouse sits on the effortlessly smooth side of the fence. Originally from Nebraska, Rouse relocated to Spain 5 years ago for a change of scenery, and watching the infusion of a slow, quiet life in a small Spanish village into his intimate, folky repertoire has been like watching an artist gain a brand new voice. Yes, "guy from Nebraska goes Latin-influenced" looks pretty awkward on paper, but Rouse's obvious love for music and playful attitude (as well as drawing from a well of influences that include Paul Simon's world-aware folk and the supple bossa nova of Joao Gilberto) results in some pretty vibrant, eclectic music. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Tue., April 20, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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