Born Anchors

Since the Blood Brothers broke up in 2007, there's been a tangible shortage of smart, listenable post-punk in Seattle. The genre—somewhat dissonant, almost always dark—fell out fashion early in the aughties and never really found its footing again. (It's not any particular band's fault, but the overexposure of the Used and My Chemical Romance didn't help.) Fortunately, there's Born Anchors to fill the gap. "Deep Cuts," one of many tempo-changing, powerful tracks from 2009's Sprezzatura, is so full of intricate guitar work and fast drumming that it's hard to believe only three musicians recorded the song. That's the greatest appeal of the Seattle trio: while channeling new wave and punk, their music still manages to sound simple and effortless. With Nazca Lines, Ticktockman, Fireworks. PAIGE RICHMOND

Thu., April 22, 9 p.m., 2010

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