Kids and Animals

If there's a poster-band for the all ages scene in Seattle, Kids & Animals is it. They have a Modest Mouse-meets-Okkervil River sound and have already self-released an album last year that found heavy rotation on KEXP. Songs like "Solstice"—with harmonic, choral vocals balanced with noisy, busy instrumentals—sound like the creation of someone who has been around the scene for years. But the members of Kids & Animals are still kids, with an energy that appeals best to young fans who put more emphasis on the way music feels than how it sounds. The band's live shows are chaotic but lack polish. With more practice--and maybe a little age--singer and guitarist Adam Gaciarz will truly earn the Built to Spill comparisons he's already received. PAIGE RICHMOND

Sun., April 25, 2 p.m., 2010

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