Lauren Weedman

Most solo performers present their emotional introspection on stage. Lauren Weedman instead performs superhuman, self-exploratory surgery. Since graduating from Almost Live, she’s written and acted in one-of-a-kind shows where she unabashedly exposes her raw nerves. This generally means alienating her friends, lovers, and coworkers via personal blunders that she deftly reenacts while we watch—and wince—in awe. “Comedy,” she says, “is a way to get people to follow me into something.” (That something being extreme mortification and empathy.) And people are following—she’s hit her stride since moving to Los Angeles: She earns laughs in the hit Date Night (becoming enraged with Steve Carell at a book club); and fans of HBO’s Hung know her as Horny Patty, the discomfortingly insatiable client of male escort Thomas Jane (she’ll return for five episodes next season). Now she’s back home to share No…You Shut Up, which considers the serious aspects of being a partner (to the show’s director, Jeff Weatherford) and parent. She claims the touring show “gets the most laughs of everything I’ve done.” This time around, Weedman will effortlessly embody her mother, her gynecologist, and a lesbian who warns new mom Weedman about her spawn: “That serpent sucks blood along with milk out of your breast.” STEVE WIECKING [Also see Kevin Phinney's review.] 8 p.m. Thurs.-Sat. Ends May 8.

Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 29. Continues through May 8, 2010

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