Ghosts I’ve Met

Just as Sparklehorse was the late Mark Linkous and a rotating cast of players, Ghosts I’ve Met is Sam Watts and whoever’s in his orbit at the time. (Formerly in Ghosts I’ve Met’s orbit were my brother Joe and his significant other, Margaret White, who also toured with Sparklehorse.) Watts’ new album, From a Spark, sounds a lot like his previous recordings: mellow, twangy, and haunting. Lyrically, however, Spark finds Watts straying from his favorite subjects: drinking whiskey, hitting the road after a night spent drinking whiskey, and screwing up relationships by drinking too much whiskey. Watts recently got sober and penned a record dealing with “weightier issues” which was recorded in a motel room in Lind, a diminutive Eastern Washington town located roughly between nowhere and nowhere that’s best known for a demolition derby involving combines instead of cars. Ghosts I’ve Met’s songs match these stark landscapes. Don’t expect to smile a lot. MIKE SEELY

Thu., April 29, 7 p.m., 2010

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