To celebrate the Year of Our Lord 2010, Long Beach lyricist LMNO decided to release 10 albums. You may be forgiven your trespasses for thinking of this project as The Decalogue, as LMNO, who isn’t afraid of showing love to the Almighty in his rhymes, would probably approve anyway. Released in February, the first disc is titled Push That Work, and features a song with our very own JFK, of Grayskul fame, dubbed “Fashion Show”—a tough-in-cheek take on the garment industry studded with lyrical kick flips and ollies. Next came March’s fOnk garden, followed by Next In Line in April. How the blessed LMNO, an underground king since the ’90s, can remember even half these songs, well, only God knows. With Kev Brown, JFK, All Flags Burn. KEVIN CAPP

Mon., May 3, 8 p.m., 2010

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