Messin’ With Texas: Seattle Bands Sing Songs of the Lone Star State

It may seem strange that a dozen Seattle bands are willing to proclaim their love for Texas, but it makes sense once you realize how many classic tunes were born from Lone Star State love. Janis Joplin, born in Port Arthur, Tex., wrote "Me and Bobby McGee," a torch song that Visqueen's Rachel Flotard could try on for size. There's "That'll Be the Day," by Lubbock-born Buddy Holly, a soulful, pop-tinged number. The Long Winters could pull that off, while Barton Carroll could test out "Brownsville Girl" by Bob Dylan. There's an embarrassment of riches in Lone Star songs: let's not forget Willie Nelson, who not only wrote about Texas but created songs that felt like the restless Wild West. Maybe the Maldives could pull something from Old Willie's songbook? The possibilities are endless. With members of Visqueen, Shim, Widower, Pablo Trucker, The Long Winters, The Maldives, The Head & The Heart, Thee Sgt Major III, Hannalee, James Apollo, Mostly Dimes, Dark Plum, Shelby Earl, Bryn Lumsden, Barton Carroll, Ben London, Martin Feveyear. PAIGE RICHMOND

Thu., April 29, 8 p.m., 2010

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