Open Mike Eagle

Rapper Open Mike Eagle has a slow, conversational flow that’s all about making itself comfortable. Many of the songs on his debut Unapologetic Art Rap question the pretensions and motives of underground hip-hop while offering up another slice of it in the process. Open Mike Eagle’s wry presence goes a long way, and the album’s production is similarly laid back. Making for exciting contrast, Busdriver slots his frazzled flow into “Original Butterscotch Confection,” while Nocando spices up “Unapologetic” without hijacking it. Going a bit left-field in his influences, Open Mike Eagle samples a Stephen Malkmus live recording on “Pissy Transmissions.” Tucked into a record that plays by its own rules, it’s not even jarring. With Nocando, Dumbfounded, Intuition, DJ WD4D. DOUG WALLEN

Wed., April 28, 8 p.m., 2010

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