Come On, Get Happy Hours

Seattle Weekly's guide to the finest cheap drinking.

Booze is a poor economic indicator, essentially because it's bulletproof. When the bulls are running wild on Wall Street, people drink. And when the bears emerge from their long winter's nap, people still drink (in bear bars, even).

But while pretty much everybody hopes the grizzlies that are keeping unemployment high and home values low won't stand a punch-drunk punk's chance in Pamplona, the cannier of us lushes just drink (and eat) early, often, and, if we're lucky, for half-price. Namely, we take full advantage of happy hour, every night of the week. Only happy hour, thankfully, is usually a misnomer. Typically, happy hour is really happy hours. And in some bars, on some days, happy hours never really end.

Happy Hours is also the name of Seattle Weekly's handy smart-phone application. Wherever you are, in real time, Happy Hours will tell you the location of the closest bars that offer happy hours, and the particulars (directions, what's on special, when it ends, etc.). The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes and other platforms; if you're a total Cro-Mag (or stuck in 2001, anyway), the same information can be found at

Fittingly, Happy Hours has its roots in a tequila-fueled meeting between Jeff "The Khadaver" Khadavi, co-founder of Seattle-based GoTime, and the SW-employed author of Seattle's Best Dive Bars at Ballard's wet and wonderful Waterwheel. The Khadaver figured a marriage of GoTime's existing happy-hour technology and the Weekly's field-tested wisdom would make for a nifty pairing. Little did he know that it would eventually make for nifty pairings in 35 cities and counting, making Happy Hours not only Seattle's premier booze-friendly smart-phone app, but America's.

Coincidentally, music editor Chris Kornelis uses roughly the same description for the happy hour at McCormick & Schmick's. In these pages, you'll learn about (the lower) 48 of the best happy hours in town, all of which can be accessed on the fly through the GoTime-powered app.

So with this, go forth and libate!

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