My first exposure to Martin Dosh was a YouTube video of one man in a room full of instruments, building layer upon layer of loops to make a swirling, loping composition that somehow felt both meticulously crafted and totally loose. Dosh's music capitalizes on loop pedals, the interweavings of warm Rhodes-y melodies, buzzing synths, digital glitches and jazz-influenced percussion, working as a perfect mash-up of organic musical creation with the digital era's tools of the trade. Somewhere along the way, he joined forces with fellow loop-fiend Andrew Bird, collaborating on Bird's last two records and touring extensively as one of Bird's band members. Abstract without being too ridiculously highbrow, Dosh's music is a visionary art project. With White Hinterland, Surrealized. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Sun., May 9, 8 p.m., 2010

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