Lupe Fiasco

After rising to fame through an appearance on Kanye West’s Late Registration and his own first single, the skateboarding love story “Kick Push,” Chicago native Lupe Fiasco quickly established himself as a relentless artistic force. Though some of his grandiose plans (like three-disc LupE.N.D.) never materialized, Lupe’s talent as a lyricist and energy as an emcee make it inexcusable to miss any of his live performances - even if there’s no release date in sight for his third record Lasers, the namesake of this tour. Paired with Atlanta’s Coldplay-inspired B.o.B., one of 2010’s favorite freshmen, the cross-genre eclecticism and relevant pop sensibilities showcased in this performance are a wildly exciting glimpse into the re-imagination of rap. (With B.o.B., Dosage.) NICK FELDMAN

Fri., May 7, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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