Joe Kurmaskie

Dude, remember that time you got your bike wheel stuck in the Westlake SLUT tracks and totally crashed? That was freakin’ hilarious! During Seattle’s awful—for cyclists—winter months, when wet fingers freeze around the handlebars and no amount of flashing lights makes you feel safe in traffic, Joe Kurmaskie still wants two-wheeled transport to be fun. The adventurer and author (Momentum Is Your Friend) specializes in light-hearted storytelling and slideshow presentations of his rides through Africa, Canada, and beyond. He’s no stone-hearted killer like Lance Armstrong, just an ordinary Portland, Ore. goofball and father—equal parts velo-activist and wide-eyed tourist. And in an important lesson to harried cycle commuters and hard-core weekend riders, some of his best stories result from getting off the bike and talking to plain folks on the side of the road. BRIAN MILLER

Thu., May 27, 7 p.m., 2010

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