Ramona Falls

With a long-awaited new Menomena album finally in the works, it's likely that Brent Knopf—one of Menomena's three multi-instrumentalists--will have less time for his stellar solo project, Ramona Falls. That's too bad, because 2009's Intuit, Ramona Falls’ debut album, is an inventive and emotionally charged exploration of sadness and loneliness. When Knopf performs live, he'll reinvent songs like "I Say Fever" with a full band, instead of the electronic beats he uses to record his songs. Reinvention is sort of Knopf's trademark: he recently teamed up with Chicago-based duo The Hood Internet and Lil Wayne--yes, Weezy himself—to remix "Russia," Intuit's single. Let's hope Ramona Falls' current tour isn't the last. PAIGE RICHMOND

Sun., May 16, 8 p.m., 2010

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