The Box Elders

By name alone, Omaha's Box Elders sound like there's a decent chance they might be a well-timed Pavement tribute band. Thankfully, their records reek less of 90's literary lo-fi and sound more like some of the forgotten, Farfisa-drenched fuzzed-out pop of the Nuggets compilations. Box Elders are charmingly scrappy and sloppy, recorded just a little too loudly, but they still somehow ooze out an absolute ease and infectious joy. Instantly catchy without being boring, the music is a toothache-y sugar rush of joyful, garage-pop blasts that would be a perfect soundtrack to some oddball, all-night malt shop full of sleepy drunks, the coffee and cigarettes literati, and gaggles of bright-eyed high-school kids pushing their suburban curfews. With Jaguar Paw, Evander Brolyfield. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Mon., May 17, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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