Clem Snide

Judging by Clem Snide's newest record, The Meat of Life, it'd be pretty safe to say singer Eef Barzelay is barely hanging from a thread these days. Seemingly every song involves some hapless, lovelorn, terminally cursed characters who have to take long, hard looks at themselves and their relationships with each other, making for an awkward tangled-up tango of mistakes, missteps, and missed expectations. Lyrically, Barzelay is a master of taking brutally honest observations of typical mundane, mid-life American domestica (I'd put money on at least one song being about a blowup in Ikea), ultimately transforming these snapshots of othersÂ’ lives into sweeping, gorgeous anthems that transform neurotic character traits into beautiful poetry. With The Heligoats, Cady Wire. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Wed., May 19, 9 p.m., 2010

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