The Tripwires

Based on pedigree alone, The Tripwires are one of Seattle's finest showdogs; they've done time with The Young Fresh Fellows, the Minus 5 and the Screaming Trees, to name a few. They're built from the model of the classic, underrated power pop band; the kind that boils over with sharp, lovesick lyrics that are as self-deprecating as they are clever, with a perfect amount of musical wiggle room for the band to explore the outer limits of the classic 60's and 70's pop landscape. The Tripwires absolutely shine when they pull off gorgeous three-part harmonies, and sound just as vibrant bopping around on a stage as they would blasting from, say, an 8-track in a just-waxed vintage Dodge Charger. With The Fucking Eagles, Hotels. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Fri., May 21, 9 p.m., 2010

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