Ape Machine

It’s no profound observation to call Ape Machine a throwback. The Portland five-piece indulges in smoking licks and rugged riffage learnt from the most bluesiest of stoner psych, while the overdramatic reach of singer Caleb Heinze was forged from the mythological fires of classic rock. The self-released debut This House Has Been Condemned is a flat-out juggernaut, seeming to fell whole forests and cities in its path. Such monster rock can come off silly these days, but Ape Machine answers its cartoonish name with a heartfelt sound. Like Earl Greyhound and some of Jack White’s ventures, the band resurrects the bluster of yesteryear’s rock gods with no apologies. With Sirens Sister, Armed With Legs. DOUG WALLEN

Sun., May 30, 10 p.m., 2010

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