In recent years, Cirque de Soleil has collaborated on some, er, questionable productions, e.g., Criss Angel’s Vegas flop and Britney Spears’ comeback tour. Kooza marks a return to the circus company’s origins—acrobatics and clowns sans issue-plagued celebrities. Inspired by the Sanskrit word “koza” (treasure), Kooza is two hours of family-friendly entertainment, including popcorn, magic tricks, and a huge, hyperactive dog for kids (okay, actually a guy in a furry suit). And for parents: cocktails and sexy contortionists. “The Wheel of Death” should impress audience members of all ages; it’s an act consisting of two presumably mad men leaping in and out of a rapidly spinning 1,600-pound metal contraption that, as the name indicates, leaves little margin for error. If the little ones get nervous, you can shield their eyes. If you get nervous, you can always order another drink. (Hey, it might make that guy in the dog costume funnier for you, too.) ERIKA HOBART [Also see Kevin Phinney's review.] Extended through July 11.

Thu., June 3, 8 p.m.; June 4-July 11, 2010

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