Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek

Forever underground MC Talib Kweli’s collabo with producer/DJ Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal, had already begun its slow but steady descent into the ash-bin of hip-hop history, where its best hope for preservation rested on the spindly shoulders of an enterprising blogger. It had been 10 years since their philosophically-minded, soulfully-oriented classic Train of Thought dropped, and it appeared that was gonna be it—a sad (lack of) development, since the two shared a chemistry that rightfully placed them among the all-time great MC-producer duos. Thankfully, however, Kweli and Hi-Tek decided to re-team, and the result is the recently released Revolutions Per Minute, which features the kind of upbeat, grown-man cuts we expect from the two. With U-N-I, Mad Rad. KEVIN CAPP

Sat., May 29, 8 p.m., 2010

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