Cinematic Titanic

Cult films have a long history of attracting audiences to jeer at their bizarre scripts, horrible acting, and cheap sets. You can’t explain why you enjoy them; you just do. Joel Hodgson and his late ’80s show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, caught a ride on that inexplicable obsession (and the Satellite of Love) with a simple concept: watch movies and make fun of them. And we (geeks) watched and loved the cult program, launched on basic cable in Minnesota. It was life ridiculing bad art. After Hodgson’s departure, the show continued until 1999. Now, he and several original writer-performers have regrouped to form Cinematic Titanic, a not-too-distant relative of MST3K. Robots Crow and Tom Servo, alas, are gone. (NR) NEIL ESTEP

Fri., June 11, 6 p.m., 2010

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