Elisa Huerta-Enochian

Transitioning from college to the professional world is never easy. Whenever Elisa Huerta-Enochian felt overwhelmed by the looming future, she hopped in her car, drove for several hours until she reached a remote area, then took a self-portrait there. Huerta-Enochian’s “Interior Landscapes” series depicts her most vulnerable moments against various backdrops in the Pacific Northwest. In one frame, she lays curled in a fetal position by a scenic pond, her face crumpled in frustration. “It was an emotional release,” she explains. “I expressed and captured the way I felt on camera, then it was time to move on.” Huerta-Enochian’s absorbing mini-breakdowns are part of the Photo Center Northwest’s Thesis Show, along with work by Alexis Henry and Helen Vogel. ERIKA HOBART

Thu., June 10; June 11-July 31, 2010

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