While they claim to hail from Helsinki, Finland, my theory is that Rubik is actually from space. Hear me out; I believe aliens have spent years studying our "indie rock" and have finally come up with a scientifically perfect band. 2009's Dada Bandits plays like a mix tape of stadium-ready anthems, melancholy mope-fests, goosebump-inducing orchestral pop songs, and inescapably catchy hooks in the most unexpected places. Rubik attacks the dynamics behind their songs to expand (pulling all of the breath out of the room in the quietest moments) and contract (explosive, uncontrolled layers of melody) in a stunning cacophony. If there's something Rubik doesn't do well, they haven't found it yet. See? Totally perfect. Thanks a jillion, aliens. With mewithoutyou. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Mon., June 7, 8 p.m., 2010

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