The Sadies

It's a shame that Toronto’s the Sadies are best known for their collaborations with other artists. Except for Country Club, a 2009 album the band recorded with former X frontman John Doe, and The Tigers Have Spoken, which they recorded with Neko Case in 2004, a Sadies record has never managed to make a single Billboard chart. But the Sadies have been releasing solid country rock records for well over a decade. The latest in that catalog, Darker Circles , invokes the band’s faint but unmistakable metal influences as well as the bluegrass with which the band’s founding members, Travis and Dallas Good, grew up. With any luck, this will be the album that finally shows the world that the Sadies don't need famous collaborators to make fantastic records. With Kurt Vile. SARA BRICKNER

Sat., June 5, 9 p.m., 2010

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