Fag Hag Bash

Being a fag hag can be frustrating, starting with the unflattering terminology. (May I suggest “flame dame” instead?) Then, adding insult to injury, ladies, how many times have you accompanied your gay friends to the club, only to be abandoned on arrival so they can get their game on? So, as a preamble to PrideFest, the unsung heroines of the gay community are being honored (finally!) at the Fag Hag Bash. Girls, bring your fags, make them buy you $1 jello shots, and dance the night away to pop-infused sets from DJ HomoNégro and DJ Potatoes. Also, come in costume to compete for the coveted title of Queen Fag and Hag. For ideas, see: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. (Allegedly!) ERIKA HOBART

Fri., June 25, 10 p.m., 2010

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