Lou Barlow

Oftentimes, artifacts from your past—old love-letters, clothes you wore, etc.—can make you shudder. Imagine what it’s like having much of your history available on record, like Lou Barlow. For the past few years, Barlow has been re-examining his public history, from re-forming Dinosaur Jr. to overseeing reissues of Sebadoh’s back catalog. The process must have been inspirational, because the songs on his most recent solo release, Goodnight Unknown, shuffle like early Sebadoh, crunch like Dinosaur, jitter like Folk Implosion, and nestle gently in the hollow belly of acoustic sounds a la Emoh. Like everything Barlow creates half-alone, it’s warm, melodic, and lyrically introspective. With Sarah Jaffe. BRIAN BARR

Mon., June 21, 8 p.m., 2010

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