Femi Kuti

The tale of Afrobeat is usually centered on Fela Kuti’s musical-cum-political protest that emerged in 1970s Nigeria, combining a funk-driven brass section and the rich drumming tradition of Yoruba music. Following Fela’s death in 1997, his son Femi became one of the few capable of carrying the torch. Femi is touring on his latest release, 2008’s Day By Day, and more than two decades of experience and refinement have proved that the son’s music is no enshrinement of the father’s. The heir to Afrobeat incorporates new touches of neo-jazz and dub regggae that makes captivating music—sonically and lyrically addressing the paradox of modern Africa. With The Positive Force. NICK FELDMAN

Tue., June 29, 8 p.m., 2010

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