MC Hammer

MJ had the glove. Madonna had the bra. MC Hammer had those pants. Giant, glittering, flowing like a garbage bag full of liquid gold around MC Hammer's feverish dance moves, those pants are as early-90's-iconic as they get, and one of Stanley Kirk Burrell's everlasting contributions to the world. By emphasizing his whirling dervish dance style as much as his lyrical prowess, MC Hammer became a hip hop pioneer, morphing it into a day-glo circus tent full of lasers, explosions, and sequined dance troupes. While Hammer's career (and finances) have ebbed and flowed like the soft, supple fabric of those holiest of pants, "Here Comes the Hammer" is still universally synonymous with getting an untouchably awesome party started. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Sat., June 26, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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