5th of July Lake Union Cleanup

We often kid the big green mermaid, but sometimes the local coffee goliath does a little good. If you register first at the Starbucks Web site, the company will treat you to coffee and lunch. Free. Plus a T-shirt. But first you've got to earn it, by helping clean up the Lake Union shoreline the morning after the big Sunday fireworks show. Locations will be assigned when you register; then prepare to meet like-minded volunteers at stations around the lake. Wear your ratty gardening clothes, and maybe consider bringing gloves. Since the Family 4th at Lake Union ended up being largely underwritten by the community, instead of those treacherous banks, here's a chance to extend more support during these recessionary times when municipal services--like trash pickup--are being slimmed down. And if you walk a few miles on litter patrol, that'll burn off the beer calories from last night. Everybody wins. T. BOND

Mon., July 5, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., 2010

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