Deerhoof hasn’t had an album out since 2008’s Offend Maggie, but their near-legendary status among the indie kids is still going to make this one of Vera’s biggest shows of the year. And it’s not like the quartet hasn’t been keeping busy this year – they’ve opened for Yoko Ono, covered Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures with labelmates Xiu Xiu at a festival in Austria, and re-released their best record, Apple O’, on vinyl. On the one hand, listening to Apple O’ gets you right back in touch with all the renowned Deerhoof hallmarks – loud, layered, shrill guitars, Matsuzaki’s thin, high, bilingual vocals, Greg Saunier’s clacking, ticking, pummeling drums. But then you’re just back to wishing for a new record again. With The Donkeys, Southeast Engine. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Mon., July 5, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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