I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost is the ultimate wet dream for the Hot Topic crowd. Over the course of two albums, , the pop-screamo act has developed a visual aesthetic that’s equal parts My Chemical Romance and the Twilight franchise. These dudes are all about applying thick mascara, soaking their heads in jet-black hair dye and flirting with dark forces. In fact, back in 2007 bass player Brian Telestai and his wife, violinist Kerith Telestai, fled the group they helped put together, because they couldn’t reconcile their Christian faith with their bandmates’ growing love of the undead. Undeterred, I Am Ghost soldiered on and will release their third full-length sometime this year. With This Romantic Tragedy, We Are Defiance, Seize The Sun, Passion For Peril. JUSTIN F. FARRAR

Mon., July 5, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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