International Conservation Photography Awards

Adorable critters and lovely panoramas are to be found in this environmentally themed group show, but the best work on view doesn't seek merely to celebrate nature. On remote Midway Atoll, an albatross and chick nest next to our plastic trash--likely washed from thousands of miles away. SW contributor Annie Marie Musselman shows injured animals in rehab at the Sarvey Wildlife Center near Granite Falls. In Costa Rica, Enrique Calvo documents the surprisingly legal harvest of turtle eggs. An elephant seal sits blithely near an "asbestos hazard" sign on South Georgia Island. Storks root through trash heaps in India, and a migratory antelope lied dead along a Wyoming highway. That later image, a striking long-exposure nighttime shot by Seattle's Chris Linder, is a necessary counterweight to the cute animals on other walls here. Death is a part of nature, too; yet there would be no roadkill without our paved roads and speeding automobiles. BRIAN MILLER

June 19-Sept. 6, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 2010

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